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We Love Warner Nature Center

Citizen efforts form to save it from closure

The beloved Lee & Rose Warner Nature Center in May Township, Minn., is closing after the fall season for good, according to reports.  The center's primary funder, the Manitou Fund, canceled its partnership with the Science Museum of Minnesota to fund the center.

However, the Manitou Fund says in a prepared statement that options are being explored for how best to use the land and facilities going forward and for future generations, though no specific plans are in place at this time. Additional details have been hard to come by. A group of concerned Warner volunteers has launched an online campaign called We Love Warner to rally others who share the hope that the center will not close.

"The closing of Warner Nature Center on December 31st is such a shame because the act of bringing students and volunteers out to the property will be cut off. Which destroys another avenue in building connections and relationships between future generations and a passion for nature. And at this time, we need ALL the avenues we can get!" says Kelsey, a Sustainable Stillwater MN board member as well as a Trail Guide volunteer at WNC.  Kelsey is urging people to write letters to the editor to spread the word that the St. Croix area is about to lose this precious natural area that has been an asset to the valley for the past fifty-two years.

If you also love Warner, help the effort to save it.

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