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Welcome to New Board MemberJoanna Esther Schneider

Joanna was appointed by unanimous vote at the 1/8/20 Board of Directors meeting.

She is a product development engineer and sustainability coordinator at 3M. Like us, she shares a deep love and appreciation for our natural environment and is looking to make a positive impact on the community. She has also worked for the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. As a busy mom and a distinguished professional, she brings a fresh, new perspective to our Board.

Joanna grew up in the St Croix Valley, went to college in California, and returned to Stillwater in 2017 to raise her family here. Joanna works at 3M as a Product Development Engineer and Sustainability Coordinator, which has allowed a deep understanding of complex environmental challenges and solutions through customer engagement, life cycle assessment, and external publication. She wants to ensure Stillwater has a sustainable future focused on preserving the natural beauty, keeping the downtown local and vibrant, and guiding our children on a healthy and active path.

A fun fact about Joanna is if you look closely, you can spot her in the Mighty Ducks movies.

We are so grateful to have her!

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