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GreenSteps Team Working Closely with City, County on Many Green Initiatives

Note from Ann Martin, GreenStep Team Co-Leader: Our goal is to put sustainability and resiliency due to climate change front and center for the city. To do this, our volunteers are present at City Council meetings, and are often seen at the Parks, Planning, Traffic, and Parking Commission meetings too. Our ultimate goal is to make sure the city has an Environmental or Climate Crisis Commission or a "Sustainability Officer," which it does not have now.

Flooding is an issue that Stillwater faces now and even more in the near future.  The City has a goal of establishing a Weather Safety Plan and we are working with them on that.

We also hope to help the city clarify what would be "Best Practices" for public and private tree planting so that we are ready to dig in and help.

Stillwater wants to be a Step 3 GreenStep City in 2020.  To do so requires us to finish entering energy data into the B3 system by May 1 and to make progress on the above goals.

Join us at our next GreenSteps planning group January 15, 6:30pm at the Stillwater Library. All are welcome!

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