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Brought to the City Council of Stillwater by Nance Purcell, a longtime SSMN supporter, the No Mow May initiative was unanimously passed at the February 7, 2023 City Council meeting and a proclamation for it was read by Mayor Ted Kozlowski. For the first time, the city is waiving the zoning rules to allow grass and pollinator plants (especially dandelions!) to grow high through May 31. Residents can opt not to mow their lawns through May to protect pollinators like bees.

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no mow may- 2023
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Proclamation February 7th 2023

The City Council Directs staff to suspend nuisance ordinance citations for turf high during the month of May in order to permit all residents to voluntarily delay lawn mowing which could result in ground cover and turg that exceeds established ordinance height restrictions and that beginning on June 1st, nuisance ordinance enforcement will resume and may result in a citation for a code violation.

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