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Say HELLO to Buff Grace, our new Board Member!

Buff Grace has worked in environmental concerns as a wilderness guide, organic farmer, and church pastor. He helped start MedShare to divert quality medical surplus from U.S. landfills to overseas hospitals in need. On staff at MN Interfaith Power & Light since 2019, Buff helps faith communities across Minnesota take more meaningful action in response to climate change. He guides MNIPL's solar programs and co-leads efforts to access the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act.

"Not long after I moved to Stillwater, neighbors called me to help sandbag the river against spring flooding. I was honored to help my town, and I made new friends. As a planet facing climate change, we're in a sandbag moment. We've got to come together, and quickly. But there's so much good that's possible if we will." ~ Buff

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