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Sustainable Stillwater MN: A Community United for a Greener Tomorrow

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

We're thrilled to share with you the story of our community, Sustainable Stillwater MN, and how we've come together to build a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for our beautiful town in the heart of the Saint Croix Valley.

Our Roots: A Decade of Change

Our journey began about a decade ago when we recognized the pressing challenges posed by climate change and the need to preserve our environment. What started as a modest effort to promote recycling has since evolved into a comprehensive sustainability initiative that we are incredibly proud of.

A Positive Impact on Our Community

Our projects have grown in scope and diversity, all with the goal of enhancing our community and its natural beauty. Together, we create rain gardens, restore native plants, remove invasive species, and protect bird habitats. Projects like Bird City play a crucial role in improving the resilience of our local ecosystems.

The Green Business Directory: Local Sustainability at Its Best

As Sustainable Stillwater MN, we understand that a sustainable city goes hand in hand with economic vitality. That's why we've developed the Green Business Directory, available at This directory not only supports our local economy but also promotes sustainability. Businesses are evaluated based on national green certification criteria, helping consumers make eco-friendly shopping choices.

The Power of Individual Action

We firmly believe that the best way to drive change is through individual actions. Voting at the ballot and making eco-conscious choices as consumers can have a profound impact. By encouraging local businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their sustainability practices, we can make great strides in our collective fight against global warming.

Promoting Alternative Transportation and Clean Energy

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote a healthier lifestyle, we've been actively encouraging alternative transportation in our town. Collaborating with the city, we're working to improve bicycle infrastructure, such as parking and bike lanes, to make cycling a more viable transportation option.

Our mission also includes encouraging energy reduction and the adoption of clean energy sources and electric vehicles. Our Climate Action Team is collaborating with the city to create a comprehensive climate plan that addresses climate change challenges and transitions away from fossil fuel reliance.

Sustainable Stillwater MN: Your Environmental Advisor

We've become a trusted environmental advisor for our city, serving as a valuable resource for guidance on environmental and sustainability issues. Our expertise is vital, especially when the city's staff power is limited.

A Future for All Generations

We live in a stunning area with abundant natural resources, and it's our responsibility to pass on this beauty to future generations. Climate change demands immediate action, and we are committed to empowering both our citizens and elected officials to lead the way towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Sustainable Stillwater MN is a testament to what a united community can achieve. Our dedication to environmental preservation, economic vitality, and individual action is at the core of our mission. As we always say, the time to make a better future is now, and we invite you to join us on this incredible journey towards a greener tomorrow.

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