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Sustainable Stillwater MN Sponsors Drive Electric Earth Day - April 22, 2020

Thinking of buying an EV? Why not? They are economical, reliable, and run cleaner than fossil-fueled vehicles. Here is what the Sierra Club has to say about EVs.

You can see the newest EVs when dealerships and private EV owners show their vehicles, offer test drives of electric cars and bikes, and lots more at Sustainable Stillwater MN's Drive Electric Earth Day EV Car Show on April 22, Wednesday at the Water Street Inn parking lot and conference rooms.

Fees collected from dealerships exhibiting at the show will help pay for the event, and for the city's first Dual Charging Station, Level 2, 240V for electric vehicles. The timing is right to begin building an EV charging infrastructure within Stillwater. This month, members of our Active Transportation team meet with the Parking Commission to identify a location for the charger.

BIG THANKS to the Water Street Inn for donating their parking lot and new conference space for the event!

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