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Bluebird Recovery Program MN update

Six volunteers with SSMN are apprenticing with Bluebird Recovery Program MN. We installed 5 pairs of bluebird houses in April along the Browns Creek Trail and are making weekly observations by looking in the box for nests. April through August we check each nest box for nests and eggs and determine if they are bluebirds or not. Once we have apprenticed for one year, we qualify for a grant to get 10 more bluebird houses to put in our parks. Want to learn more? Go to Bluebird Recovery MN. More volunteers may be needed next year if we get to set up more houses. To sign up or follow our progress, contact Louise Watson at

Jennifer Koenning checking BB house #5 and sees the 7 chickadee eggs have hatched. The other nest box (#6) has a startup nest. These nest boxes are at Browns Creek Park.

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