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A citizen’s guide to living a greener, more sustainable life is coming soon! The "Sustainability Workbook" offers great tips on saving money on energy, reducing waste, and recycling. The booklet will be mailed to all our 2020 and 2021 donors. Donate today at!

Your gift to Sustainable Stillwater MN this holiday season ensures that we can continue our important work in 2022 and beyond, which includes a city-wide climate action plan, more habitat restoration, Bird City events, protection of water, wildlife, and natural places, bicycle-friendly events, carbon-free transportation, and your suggestions!

Please donate today. Be the first to receive a token of our gratitude — the Sustainability Workbook -- in January.

Thank You, Donors!! Your generosity inspires us!

In Gratitude to:

Kevin Tholen

Chad Trapp

Roger Tomten

Ella Americh

Andy Braunshausen

Shelly Christensen

Connie Christianson

Linda Countryman

Becky and Dwight Cummins

Elizabeth Cuthbert

Michele Cassavante and Bruce Deger

Jerry Depew

Justin & Kelsey Depew

Chuck & Judy Dougherty

Sara Fredricksen

Wendy and Nick Gorski

Adam Gullickson

Ashley Hausman

Rick Heidick

Anne Huston

Girish J

Dana Jackson

Karen Jensen

Pam Johnson

Sirid Kellermann

Desmond Kilcoyne

Roger Klisch

Nancy and Mike Lyner

Jennifer Maes

Alexandra McLennan

Paul Moss

Dianne Polasik

Angel Samolytz

Don Schuld

John Siekmeier

Barbara Tischart

Jason Willett

Amber Hebert

Ronald Cooper

Louise Watson

Barbara Tischart

Claudia Morgan

Kezia Wicklander

Bob and Peg Worden

Nira Geevargis

Richard Sewich

Jeffrey Hoyt (& friends recovery)

Cindy Dahl

Molly Thornton

Terry Curtis

Rick Iten

Roger and Colleen Zeman

Catherine Curtis

Jennifer Wrenson/David Singley

Brian and Cathy Schmucker

Aaron and Betsy Schmucker

Ron and Shari Sitzmann

Jack and Doris Sitzmann

Pat and Kyle Thommes

Mary Jo and Keith Hartmann

Paula and Walt Klein

Jim and Pam Daniels

Charlie and Leah Cory

Ryan and Emily Vincelli

Ken and Nancy Engel

Jenn and Mike Kurisu

Carolyn Kurisu

Dan and Pam Dynan

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